Chris’ Cause. “Women for women. Give back to working mums.” by Samson Waters

Samson Waters starts the year of 2022 with a humble and admirable initiative. An initiative that shows not only the values of Samson Waters, but also the personal values of Samson Waters´ CEO Christine Turenne.

“I am Canadian and a working mum … though while working here in Mexico, I fully realize how fortunate I am. There is the support of my husband Rick and the support of my team at Samson Waters. Daily I realize that without this support, life would not be that easy. For a while now I have been thinking what can I do for working mums here in Mexico, for women that raise their children and are working at the same time. Working… not out of free choice, but working to be there for their children.”

With offices in Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Merida, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos and Nayarit, Samson Waters is offering experiences unlike anyone had before. Samson Waters is a Canadian company, and as such, we have a keen understanding of the standards one comes to expect while staying for vacation in Mexico.

Christine continues “I kindly would like to ask all of our guests, all of the Samson Waters clients, when you come to Mexico to stay with us, please bring anything you don’t need back home that could serve working mums and kids in Mexico. Anything that will put a smile on a face, anything that makes life easier for a working mum. I am thinking of clothes, toys, school materials and more. I´m sure you get the idea. I personally (yes, you are reading that correct), I personally will make sure your contribution will get to working mums that will highly appreciate your gifts.”

“We have a professional responsibility at Samson Waters as a business. Starting 2022 with “Women for women. Give back to working mums.” will be part of our mission.

The CEO of Samson Waters opens up and wants to take the opportunity to honor important women in her life.

Victoria, my sister in Law.

My sister in law Victoria is the Matriarch of our family. She is the cook of all our gatherings and makes sure everyone has what they need. She is funny, kind, thoughtful, FULL OF ENERGY AND THE LAST TO GO TO BED. She loves my family and welcomes us with open arms at every gathering. Although we dont see them all that often, when we are together it’s like no time has ever passed. She is not only a sister in law but in my eyes she is just the sister I never had.

My mom Rachelle.

Rachelle is by far the strongest person I know in this world. She is caring, beautiful, genuine and such a gentle soul. If you have ever had the privilege to meet her you instantly fall in love. She is funny and loves to do things for others. She lights up the room and her smile is contagious. Never have I ever imagined I would have the privilege to work alongside her and I absolutely love it.

My mother in law Eveline.

She is a spitball firecracker who loves to love. She is an incredible chef and passes her love for me through cooking, spending time together playing cards, laughing together or sharing a nice glass of wine or champagne. From the moment I first met her I felt like I belonged and I will always remember how welcoming she was not only to me but to my family and extended family too. When Eveline and I are together we always manage to get ourselves in trouble and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love her to bits.

My step mother Debbie.

She plays a very important role in my family. She is caring, loving and always up for a new adventure. She spreads the love equally between us kids and has always been there for important milestones and moments of growth or when I just needed someone to lean on. Although we dont see each other often, I appreciate all our calls and exchanges no matter when and what time. She holds a special place in my heart.

The love of my life, my niece Graya.

This little lady is the main squeeze, my heart and soul. Graya is the sweetest soul in the universe and she is quieter than a mouse (most days). When we are together my heart is beyond full of light. We love to play, laugh, and make memories. When I get to see Graya my luggage is always full of matching clothes. I like to pretend we are sisters… she fills my cup in every way and every visit we have together is filled with pure fun and I am so grateful to call Graya my niece and family.

My aunt Danielle.

My aunt is someone who is very special to me. One of her greatest lessons has been teaching me how family isn’t always blood but based on behavior. Danielle married my godfather who I adore and for that reason she became my aunt. Although her career has been teaching in school she teaches me to be a better person everyday. She is kind, caring and loves the comforts of home. Danielle hates to be called an aunt as it makes her feel old however one of my favorite pastimes is although we are very close in age I like to call her “Aunt Danielle” as much as possible especially in public places as loud as possible. I hope when she is reading she knows how special she is to me….for an AUNT that is.

Kerry, my business partner.

Kerry is a true diamond in the rough. When you meet Kerry you fall in love not only because she is beautiful, kind, generous, smart, funny but she truly is one of a kind and not like anyone you will ever meet.  She has a contagious smile and she has an amazing heart but one thing I cherish the most is her strength. Kerry is a true example of courage, strength and perseverance. If you ever get the privilege to spend time with her you will be amazed at the person she is and you will know you now have a friend for life. Kerry has a zest for life and lives her daily life with gratitude as her focus and that is a page I will always take from her book. If you get the chance to be by her side, consider yourself lucky…I am…. every single day.

Thank you CEO Christine Turenne for taking the time to honor the women Victoria, Rachelle, Eveline, Debbie, Graya, Danielle and Kerry. It’s personal and humble to do so. Thank you as well for your initiative. “Women for women. Give back to working mums.” by Samson Waters. What a great woman YOU are!

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