Local Area Guide: Things to do / Activities / Attractions

Playa Del Carmen is a wonderfully diverse city that boasts amazing beaches, 5 star restaurants, and excursions that appeal to all age groups an maturity levels!  Our staff has gathered the most popular within each category and highlighted their personal favorites.  Browse through each section and feel free to connect with us for more information or to book your next adventure.

Beaches & Beach Clubs

Playa Del Carmen is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Mexico. Between the crystal clear aqua blue water and the silky sand, it`s hard not to fall in love with the beaches here. Add good food, good music, and great company, now you`re talking. Browse through our selection of our favorite local beaches and beach clubs.


Playa Del Carmen offers some of the most beautiful and challenging courses of any destination in Mexico. With it`s diverse landscapes and creatures, there is certainly a course that provide the experience you`re looking for. Although there are several great courses throughout the Riviera Maya, we have outlined some of our favorites that are in close proximity to Playa.

Nightlife & Shopping

When most people think of Playa Del Carmen, they think of 5th Avenue. And for good reason! With the hundreds of shops, restaurants, and bars, it`s not hard to see why this iconic street has attracted so much attention. Browse through our selection of the top nightlife and shopping.


If it`s food you crave, look no further. Playa Del Carmen is home to a wide range to culinary styles appealing to all tastes. From the simple to the sophisticated, here is a list of the most popular restaurants along with our top picks.